From here you will be able to read short comics and extra offerings about the rock band FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY, or TALES OF FLYING GLORY about the "Golden Age" experiences of Debra's grandmother Elsie, or other stories that exist in the FLYING GLORY UNIVERSE.  Click on a title or page number to get into the adventure!

Below is a color comic retelling how the Flying Glory origin would have originally been presented in World War II:

Flying Glory Comics #1

To get a glimpse at what life was like for Debra's grandmother Elsie during World War Two, take a look at this newspaper clipping style artwork set storyline-wise in 1945 (please note the button below leads to a PDF). Kevin wrote up and drew the accompanying 'photo' back before the current comic existed. It still has worth in the universe that makes up our story now.

Flying Glory Welcomes Our Men Back from War

Check out these special "mini-stories" that have taken place outside of issues:

Short #1: 1 2 3 4

Short #2: 1 2 3

Comics Day

Last Line Fading Banner

We're bringing you some more Flying Glory and the Hounds of Glory lyrics in the form of a "visual video" presentation. Click below to see all our "visual videos" where lyrics are posted surrounded by art without being in a story context!

For more text-based extras, check out the EXTRAS section where we will be sharing text stories, shorts, and some behind the scenes posts of what we did as we developed FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY:

FG Extras Cover

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